lives at the beach and has a camera


Who is eddym?

I’m Eddy Mason and I live in the village of Koitiata which is adjacent to Turakina Beach. I simply enjoy living an at-the-beach-life, having a good camera and taking photos, and don’t consider myself as qualifying to have a photographer label. This current and totally satisfying life out on the edge, has been going on now since the beginning of 2004. 

I’ve always had a creative capturing-visual-things capability, whether with a pencil or pen or camera. It all revolves around the seeing. Just simply use a camera to try to capture what I see and create a visual record. I don’t set out to take the great shot, not into tech camera stuff, just a point, shoot, and process bloke. Go to the beach and if something looks interesting or challenging to capture, and I have the camera with me, click, click, click and the best of British.

The camera thing started when I was a teenager and often borrowing my mother’s camera. It was one of those fold out 1940’s Agfa models. My grandfather was into photography, and my oldest son is also, so it’s a hereditary thing. I must do it whether I want to or not!

I went through the Kodak Instamatic stage until the big step up to SLR with a Canon EOS 650 in 1987. Then digital arrived and I just had to have the new Canon EOS 300D in 2003. I was hooked on the digital technology and the connection between computer and camera. That camera kept me happy until I upgraded to my current Canon 80D in mid-2016.

From left: Agfa, Kodak Instamatic, Canon EOS 650, Canon EOS 300D, Canon EOS 80D

Now it’s all digital everywhere, people are even using telephones to create portrait shaped landscape photos. I’ve been into doing computer stuff for 30+ years, so the photo tuning bits, after downloading the camera’s files, are a challenging and satisfying extension of being over on the beach doing the clicking camera thing. It’s on the computer screen that the colours and shapes come to life.

I have also created and built a few web sites for the community and friends, which included doing all of the photography. That led to numerous suggestions being made that I should do a web site for myself and share some of my photos. So, after a long sifting process through a library containing 20 years of files with 8000 photos, I’m now sharing those that I consider to be, mmm … that’s not a bad shot.

Enjoy, and thanks for being here, use the contact form to get in touch.